A wise woman once said, ‘an organised wardrobe makes for an organised mind’.

Ok, it was me, I said it, and whilst it may be a slight exaggeration, an organised wardrobe that is full of clothes you truly love makes it easier to get dressed in the morning and prevents you from buying clothing you already own.

Do you really need ANOTHER striped t-shirt? Reacquaint yourself with old favourites which makes it easier to experiment with new looks.

Every fortnight Gerard & Tracey will be bringing you up to speed, keeping you in the fashion loop and providing practical advice on all things style. The duo take a light hearted approach to fashion, bouncing opinions and humour to and fro. Gerard’s styling experience has taken him to all the major cities in Australia and now back home to impart his advice with locals. While he describes his personal style as basic B&W, he conveys a cool-boy look unlike anything we’ve seen in the local scene.

Canberra Outlet now has a Centre wide gift card available for purchase. 

The perfect gift for the picker shopper, Mother who has everything, Father who wants nothing and everyone else!