Respect Connect and Protect

Respect, Protect and Connect is about creating a family friendly space for shoppers and staff to feel safe and welcome always.

Now that our shops are back open, we are reminding all customers about the values behind Respect, Protect and Connect to ensure the best shopping environment is maintained for all.


Respect –

Please remember to respect all members of the community while in Centre. This extends to fellow shoppers, retail workers, security, and cleaning. We are all working under higher demands, and this will only continue as the Christmas rush starts.

Please remember to be courteous and kind and always treat others with respect.


Protect –

We are calling out to the community to protect each other. By watching your own words and actions you are protecting those around yourself.

Also remember Centre Security is always present so if you ever feel unsafe or see something that you are unsure about please call security to protect yourself and those around you.


Connect –

Lastly, we are encouraging the community to connect with each other, after a long time of being isolated in lockdown this is more important than ever.

Check in on your loved ones and engage in conversation while in the Shopping Centre and remember to ask if someone is okay.


RetPro managed Shopping Centers have a ‘zero tolerance’ for any disrespectful and unsafe behavior within our Centre’s.


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