10 ways to warm up your interiors this winter

When the temperature drops, most of us naturally pull out extra blankets and switch to heavier bedding, but did you know there’s a lot more you can do to create a warmer feel in the home?

Just like colours can affect our mood, so too can warmer interior styling, in helping to create a cosier feel in our homes.

Here are 10 of our favourite ways to warm up your interiors!


1. Embrace natural materials

Mixing materials that are kept closely to their natural form such as timber, clay and textiles, will soften and add warmth to your interiors.

We used a jute mat from Freedom and a clay vase from Provinicial to bring a connection to earth to this entry, and it instantly creates a welcoming feel.

2. Moody colour palette

Dark and rich tones, such as deep grey or red wine tones for those who are a bit bolder with colour, are great choices to get you through the colder months. Lush greens and navy are also on-trend colour choices that offer a cosy, comforting feel.

Pick one of these darker colours to set the scene and consider adding a lighter accent such as cream tones or lighter greys, and a touch of a warm metallic, to highlight and add contrast.

3. Aged metallics

While copper and brass were the ‘it’ metallic finishes of summer, this winter we’re seeing a shift to more brushed and aged metals. Look for pieces with an antiqued or hammered finish, featuring beautiful darkening and tarnishing.

4. Warm up your bathroom

Generally the bathroom gets missed when we take our interiors from summer to winter but there are a few minor updates you can make in this space to warm it up.

Selecting towels in deeper tones, like these grey Freedom towels, and creating a small vignette using a candle in a wintery scent, bathroom products, and a few body brushes is all you need!

5. Layer layer layer

Layering blankets and pillows on the bed, and throws and scatter cushions on the couch or occasional chair, will make these spaces appear and feel all the more cosy!

6. Create a cosy corner

We’re set to have one of the coldest winters in decades but rather than wallow, why not embrace the chill and create a cosy corner where you can sit at night with a good book and warm drink?

Comfortable and stylish occasional chairs like this one from Focus On Furniture are becoming increasingly more affordable. Layer it with a throw and a cushion for added comfort, and finish the space with an on-trend side table (you can find this table at the newly opened Homemaker’s Fine Furniture).

There’s nothing like enjoying a hot cup of chocolate next to the fire and if you feel like creating an extra decadent cup, pop into the Lindt store where you’ll find all the ingredients you need.

7. Wintery scents

Styling your home for winter isn’t just about what we see – it’s also what we smell.

Swap your summery candles for those with spiced notes or natural essential oils.

8. Create book stacks

Books make a great styling prop all year round but especially in winter when you want to hint at curling up inside with a good book.

A stack of 3 or more books looks great on its own or you can layer decorative items on top. For added interest, try stacking some books horizontally and others vertically.

9. Branches or faux branches

Branches are another way of bringing nature into our home. If foraging for branches doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, rest assured you can find a great selection of faux branches that are identical to the real thing. Freedom and Early Settler are just some of the stores where you can find Magnolia, Lambs Ear and Eucalyptus branches, just to name a few.

10. Display extra cushions or throws

Just when you thought you couldn’t layer any more items on your bed or couch, we’re suggesting you display even more! Using an open pocket of a side table or

neatly folding a throw blanket on your couch are two easy ways you can create a cosier feel in your home.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to bring some warmer styling to your home this season. All of the items pictured are available at Canberra Outlet Centre.