Kids Craft Activity - How to make a Shaggy Dog Pom Pom

Get Crafty with existing objects around your home to create some fun kids activities! Thanks to Tiny Creatures & Co, follow these step by step tutorials! 
Shaggy Dog Pom Pom
What to do you need:
 Yarn (in chosen colour)
 Piece of thick cardboard
 Scissors
 Google Eyes
 Glue Gun
 Cut two circles into cardboard, in each circle cut a smaller hole in the middle. Both
your circles should now look like a C.
 Holding both circles together wrap yarn around until C is thickly covered.
 Tie a knot with remaining yarn.
 Slide your scissors in-between the middle of both pieces of cardboard and cut yarn
(it will start fluffing up like a pom pom.
 Tie one piece of yarn through the middle to hold your pom pom together.
 Fluff up pom pom.
 Use your mini pom poms to glue on ears and tail.
 Lastly, stick on goggle eyes!

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