Kids Craft Activity - How to make Friendship bracelets

Get Crafty with existing objects around your home to create some fun kids activities! Thanks to Tiny Creatures & Co, follow these step by step tutorials! 
Friendship Bracelet
What do you need:
 Coloured Thread
 Scissors
 Piece of Tape (to hold thread still while you plait)
 With one piece of thread tie a small hoop.
 Where the knot is tie on two extra pieces of thread, in different colours for a cool
 Plait thread until you have enough length to wrap around your wrist and then tie a
knot at the end, ensuring you leave enough thread to tie through the loop to secure
your bracelet.
 This is a lovely gift to post to your best friend, try writing a letter and then pop your
friendship bracelet into the envelope to send to them.

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