Kids Craft Activity - How to make Binoculars

Get Crafty with existing objects around your home to create some fun kids activities! Thanks to Tiny Creatures & Co, follow these step by step tutorials! 
TP Binoculars
What do you need:
 Poster Paint (any colour)
 Paint Brush
 2 empty toilet rolls
 30cm of Ribbon (any colour)
 Gems & Flowers
 Glue Gun / Glue Dots
 Hole Punch
 Punch a hole in each toilet paper roll, this is where you will tie the ribbon at the end.
 Paint your individual toilet paper rolls with your chosen paint colour. Let dry.
 Thread ribbon through holes and tie a knot.
 Use your glue gun (glue dots will also work) to stick both TP rolls together. Let Dry.
 Add your gems and flowers.
 Ta-da, you are ready for an adventure.

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