Kids Craft Activities - How to make Woven Letters

Woven Letters
What you need:
  • Thick cardboard
  • Wool (2 colours)
  • Scissors
How to make:
1. Draw the first letter of your name onto the cardboard and cut out a stencil. Try to keep
the stencil about 2cm thick in all areas.
2. Tie your first coloured wool onto your stencil and wrap around the letter. Leave some
gaps, we will fill these in with your second colour.
3. Using your second wool colour tie to the other end. Fill in the gaps.
4. Once your stencil is completely covered tie your wool with a little knot and cut away
any extra.
5. Display your woven letter somewhere fun, maybe on your door or in the bookshelf.
Click HERE to download the instructions 

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