Kids Craft Activities - How to make a Kaleidoscope

What you need:
  • Paper Roll
  • Beads or Sequins
  • Washi Tape
  • Mirror Paper
  • Plastic
How to make:
1. Measure your mirror paper against the paper roll (as shown in video) and make four folds.
With the mirror side facing inwards fold into a triangle and cute away any excess.
2. Put folded mirror triangle into paper roll
3. Cover paper roll in washi tape for decoration. You can also colour this in with markers or pencils.
4. Using your paper roll to measure the circle diameter, cut out two circles.
Place one circle on top on the triangle in the roll and tape down.
5. Once you have covered over the roll place beads or sequins in.
6. Use the second plastic circle to cover the sequins and use remaining washi tape or sticky tape to hold down.
7. On your eye side of the kaleidoscope place three pieces of washi tape to create a triangle shape.
8. Now hold your kaleidoscope to the light and watch the patterns form!
*NOTE - the kaleidoscope is available for collection from Centre Management. 
Click HERE to Download Instructions

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