How to Make your Own DIY Candle from Gina of Style Curator

How to Make your Own DIY Candle from Gina Ciancio of Style Curator


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’m sharing this sweet and simple DIY candle in a cup.


Materials you will need:

Packet of soy wax pellets 




Metal jug to melt wax on stovetop

Plastic or metal spatula


Optional crystal to decorate



1. Heat wax on low until melted and stand aside for 3 mins to cool down. If you add your fragrance when the oil is too hot, it can burn off during the candle making process.


2. Prepare your vessel by ensuring it is clean and stick the wick to the base in the centre. You can find wick stickers but I simply used some hot wax and it did the trick. Use a peg to hold it in place at the top of your vessel.


3. Add fragrance to your cooled melted wax. Between 7%-10% is recommended. Any more and your candle can develop a dark smoke when burning.


4. Pour your melted wax into your vessel and stand aside.


5. Optional: When your candle is almost set, you can gently press a crystal into the surface. Select a crystal for the energy or qualities you want to attract - we have a compressive crystal guide on the blog.


6. Trim the wick and you’re done!

Materials bought from the Centre include vessel from Freedom, soy wax pellets from Lincraft, metal jug and spatula from Harris Scarfe.




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