How to create an inviting guest bedroom ahead of the holiday season

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us will be looking at getting our guest bedrooms ready for friends and family to come and stay.

Today, I’m sharing my top tips on how to create an inviting guest bedroom.

1. Great quality bedding
The most important aspect of a guest bedroom is the bed!
You can’t go wrong with white bedding in a natural material like vintage washed linen or bamboo.
Or if you prefer more colour, you can also use a patterned or colourful quilt cover. Adairs [link to] has a great range including large abstract floral prints that are so on-trend, while Provincial [link to] nail the Hamptons look, and Freedom [link to] is known for their beautifully textured quilts.
2. Cushions and throws
Complete the bed with a mix of cushions and throws – it’s a great way to add colour and interest, while also creating a more comfortable bed.
The trick to great colour styling is to mix shapes, sizes and textures – it’s all about contrast! In this bedroom, I’ve mixed a rectangular linen cushion with a square velvet cushion and a round fur cushion.
3. Colour accents
To give your guest bedroom cohesion, I recommend creating a colour palette. Colour palettes usually consist of 3-5 colours, for example in this room it’s muted red wine, denim blue and oatmeal.
A handy trick to getting colour balance right is to follow the 60-30-10 rule where 60% of the room is one colour (in this room it’s a neutral of white/oatmeal), 30% is another colour (red wine) and 10% is an accent colour (denim blue). This is a helpful guide to get the ratio right and prevent all the colours from competing against each other.
If you’re unsure what colours to use, you could draw inspiration from artwork, like this beautiful floral canvas from Adairs, or the bedding if you are using a colourful print.
4. Bedside styling
The bedside is another area where you can inject some style and added comforts.
Fresh flowers are always welcome but select a bunch that isn’t too strong in perfume or it could disrupt sleep. A stack of books, candle and little trinket box are a few other ideas I’ve used in this bedroom.
5. Thoughtful extras
Guests always appreciate the little extras, like this tray from Provincial that I loaded with goodies including fresh towels, a magazine and chocolates. You could put anything you think your guests will enjoy on here such as a bottle of water and drinking glass, slippers, bath salts… the options are limitless.
Another thoughtful idea to make guests feel welcome is to put your wifi password on a card so they can access your network.
You can find all the pieces I used to style this guest bedroom at Canberra Outlet Centre